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08 擁抱 | Roberto Zayas、巫白玉璽 | TEDxCCU | Roberto Zayas & Yu-His Wu Bai | TEDxCCU
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Added Aug 16, 2016
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Roberto Zayas
自1984 年定居於台灣。他的音樂風格結合了古典、爵士、民族及流行樂。在台灣音樂圈為許多歌手如:蘇芮、張惠妹、郭富城、劉德華、王力宏、趙詠華、文章、洪榮宏等人編曲及伴奏。1990年為伍思凱的「寂寞公路」編曲獲得1991年金曲獎最佳錄音獎。同年金曲獎最佳年度歌曲獎陳淑樺的「一生守候」也是由 Zayas 所編曲。他的音樂能在台灣超過四百張專輯中聽見。


Roberto Zayas has been based in Taiwan since 1984. His music style combines elements of classical, jazz, folk, ethnic and popular music, into a unique and personal sound.

Born in Asunción, Paraguay, Zayas began his musical training at the age of five, studying with one of the finest classical guitarists in the world, Maestro Cayo Sila Godoy at the Escuela de Bellas Artes of the Universidad Nacional del Paraguay.

He received the first prize as best guitar student in the opening year of the Conservatorio Municipal de Musica in Asunción. And after studying the art of classical guitar, later the Paraguayan Folk Harp with Maestro Santiago Cortesi, the very young Zayas began to perform on radio, TV and in small concerts.

He formed a band called Allegro, integrated with the best musicians of the country. In Taiwan, Zayas has become deeply involved in the music scene, arranging and performing for such stars as, Su Rei, A Mei, Guo Fu Chen, Andy Lau, Wang Li Hong, Chao Yiong Hwa, Wen Chang, H

「Wu Bai-Yu-Hsi was a vocal tour de force,simultaneously mercurial and assured ...」。Taipei Times in Asia Opera dissertate, July 2004.

Wu Bai-Yu-Hsi, the best baritone opera singer in Taiwan, the impressive effect of his full, resounding voice and natural ease on stage have combined to make him one of the most captivating performers on Taiwan. He graduated from the Milan National Academy of Music in Italy in 1996. He received many invitations to perform while traveling in Italy during which he was received enthusiastically by Italian audiences. He was honored by the Opera Association of Bergamo with the award as “Best Opera Singer” in 1994.
Wu Bai-Yu-Hsi has 30 years of experience performing both on Taiwan and around the world. He has performed with many well-known conductors, symphonies, and choruses.

He was performing in famous operas, such as:
Mozart : Cosi fan tutte (Gugliemo、Don Alfonso), Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), Le nozze di Figaro (Il Conte) / La clemenza di Tito

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