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3 African Stories Siyabonga Ngcai | Siyabonga Ngcai | TEDxPortElizabeth
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Added Aug 18, 2016
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Siyabonga's first poem involves what he describes as the ideal woman as a soul mate or life partner describing her and pointing out how she should compliment his country manhood qualities as a Xhosa native. His second poem covers a sad social issue faced by today's struggle of African house holds and how a family is broken by a violent man/husband leaving scorn to a single mother and son.
The third poem covers various topics evolving Africans specifically the black community and how colonialism has effected the traditions and well being of what is to be African. It invokes many untold realities surrounding believe systems and civilization of Africans.

Siyabonga Ngcai, better known as Gqobhoz’imbawula, is an ambitious poet, storyteller, song writer, performing artist and Architectural Technologist by profession, born and raised in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. He grew up as a fine artist, Traditional and Pantsula dancer, and later found himself attached to writing short stories and poems.

Gqobhoz’imbawula writes his poetry in his mother tongue, isiXhosa, addressing matters concerning physical and emotional abuse against woman and children, African history, traditional and cultural backgrounds, and other pertinent stories involving the people in our communities. He has shared his craft in countless events, poetry festivals and musical sessions along with national and international artists.

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