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8 Days A Week...Live By Design, Not By Default | Adam Cobb | TEDxSantaBarbara
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Added Sep 22, 2016
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"Adam Cobb studies movement patterns to create a champion mindset - to maximize each moment to create more
time and freedom to do the things that energize you. He shares how living by design, versus default,
can add an hour a day to your life and help you reclaim the person you are meant to be. Pointing out that average is an accident, and
that excellence isn't easy, Adam challenges the status quo to show you how to start living 8 Days A Week."

Adam has lived a life of adventures and challenges. He pushed through his undergrad years with a B- average. His three successes out of thirty-three academic classes were in psychology, health and wellbeing, and nutrition. He dropped out of a coveted Master of International Business program at Bond University in Australia when he realized he no longer wanted to function in the traditional business world. Instead, he looked for a new normal and began crafting his non-traditional approach to physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing that focuses on mind-body connectivity.

Currently, Adam is working to change the landscape of what health and fitness looks like. With mentoring from experts in fields of nutrition, movement, and meditation, he blends diverse disciplines into a new awareness of wellness. Adam’s clients include NBA athletes, award-winning actors, and high-performance professionals who need to maximize their time and energy. His philosophy is “move well, eat well, think well

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