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A Bee Showed Me That Limits Are Lies | Jenna Kanell | TEDxTryon
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Added Oct 19, 2016
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Jenna Kanell ponders, “What we would be capable of, if no one told us we had limitations?” The award-winning filmmaker examines the pressure to become something, by asking ourselves what would happen if we tried to “Unbecome” instead.

Jenna Kanell wrote and directed the short film "Bumblebees," a project currently on the film festival circuit and among academic curricula of varying levels. It stars her younger brother Vance, who was born with eight sensory disorders and overcame the negative expectations of medical professionals.

Her TEDxTryon talk explores the concept of discarding the goal of "becoming" in favor of "unbecoming;" applicable to everything from assigned labels and ideals to societal norms. She hopes for you to come away inspired by a new way to embark on your own self-exploration.

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