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A Beginner’s Guide to Killing Cancer Cells | Patrick Gunning | TEDxMississauga
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Added Sep 6, 2016
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What if we could engineer a molecule to target cancer cells but leave healthy cells unharmed? Medicinal Chemist, Professor Patrick Gunning seeks to do just that with his latest research to design a molecule that targets a cancer-promoting protein called STAT3. In the last three years, Gunning has developed a powerful family of molecules that disable the STAT3 protein and stops the spread of numerous cancers while leaving healthy cells untouched.

Dr. Gunning is a professor at the University of Toronto Mississauga, and the Canada Research Chair In Medicinal Chemistry. He transitioned to UTM following his post-doctoral research at Yale University. Dr. Gunning and his team perform leading cancer research in their lab at UTM, which has directly resulted in the discovery of new and effective drugs for cancer treatment. He has been noted in the Toronto Star and recognized by the University of Toronto as Inventor of the Year.

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