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A Black Solution | Youssef Ibrahim | TEDxCairoUniversity
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Added Aug 31, 2016
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Despite the negligence of our own society of the implications of Technology, Youssef and his team managed with minimal resources to design and build a car Model to compete internationally, proving once again that the power of knowledge and the will to apply the technology can prove to be a very insightful journey.
Competitions can be both a deceptive and a motivating environment, but the sure thing is, they make you reflect on how to deal with difficult situations. Youssef's experience in competing internationally in a field that has been neglected by his local environment for so long now, is a showcase of how your biggest obstacle can as well be your only solution.

Youssef was a student at Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering. He is a part of the team that won the 4th place at the Shell-Eco Marathon competition, and the team that won the 3rd place at the European Rover Challenge in Poland in 2014. He was also part of the ASME Human Powered Vehicle Cairo University, and also an official team member at the formula student Hungary racing event in 2015.

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