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A bicycling journey to find the first tourist in Bali | Marlowe Bandem | TEDxUbud
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Added Jul 21, 2016
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Marlowe Bandem decided to embark on a journey to retrace the steps of the first tourist in Bali, Dutch artist WOJ Nieuwenkamp. He decided to do this on the artist's original mode of transport- a fixed gear bicycle- and in the process he learnt more about his island home than he ever expected.

Don’t try to pin a label on Marlowe Bandem. He’s a DJ, fixed-gear cyclist, creator of multi- media events, manager of two micro-financing banks, and vice chairman of the Widya Dharma Shanti Foundation that oversees STIKOM Bali, the largest ICT (information and communication technology) college in Bali.

Latest collaborative initiatives include The Bali 1928 Project, a repatriation project of where Balinese recordings and films of the 1920s were repatriated from several countries; and Bali Record Store Day (April 2016) and SPRITES ART LAB: AGNI in Desa Lawak Badung (June 2016).

Marlowe has contributed to many arts events in Bali, including Jean-Michel Basquiat Exhibition at Darga Gallery (2005), Bali Biennale: Space & Scape (2005), reclaiming public spaces via Ebullience Art Event (2009), and SPRITES Art and Creative Biennale (2013, 2015).

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