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A floating hospital in the Indonesian archipelago | Catherine Huang | TEDxUbud
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Added Jul 20, 2016
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Indonesia has 17,000 islands and not enough hospitals or doctors. Some Indonesians have to travel for 5 days just to reach a doctor. If distance is the problem, why not bring a hospital to the people? A floating and mobile fully-equipped hospital on a converted oil barge might be the first step in ensuring better access to healthcare for people across Indonesia. This floating hospital and its volunteer doctors have already performed thousands of free major and minor operations, saving many lives in the process.

Catherine Huang and doctorSHARE are converting an oil barge into a floating hospital to bring free healthcare to millions of people living in remote islands of eastern Indonesia. Before joining as Project Manager, Catherine spent 8 months traveling the non western world as a David Bonderman Travel Fellow, worked at Google[x] on Glass, at True Ventures as a TEC Fellow, and kick started student entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan as the CFO of MPowered Entrepreneurship.

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