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A lovely Suicide | Yahia Amr | TEDxYouth@Alexandria
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Added Aug 23, 2016
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I do believe that there is a pattern , patterns occur according to some laws and a perfect pattern was never made by chance
but it's always by some rules , even if we don't know these rules yet , that doesn't make it happen by chance , this pattern is in your daily life
and you see it and feel it and you name it by chance , coincidence or even luck . maybe you want to deny the law that's is for you ,
or you may even fear the thought of how every little event in your life is controlled by some rules or maybe you prefer to be an air-headed
and to keep away from these thoughts , because in any case of these cases of how you run away from admitting that every event in our life is
there because it forms a pattern and this pattern is there because of some rules ,then this question comes to your mind , Where am i from all of this

Yehia Was Born April 1994. Studied Mecatronics Engineering and made detailed studies in both Phydics and Psychology to be able to generate his theory

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