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A tale of two people | Heather Newman | TEDxSchriever
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Added Sep 26, 2016
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There are 7,125,000,000 humans on this planet but there are two that define who you are. Heather Newman tells a tale of her two people, how they define her and why she wants to change that.

Heather Newman grew up in a large, diverse family in New York. As an elite athlete, Airman, and engineer, she has witness firsthand the power that labels, stereotypes, and assumptions can hold over people's perceptions, and the change the way people interact with one another. Though an aerospace engineer by trade, she dedicates most of her time to advocacy and education. She was the Penn State campus representative for Athlete Ally, a Volunteer Victim Advocate, and currently co-coordinates the implementation of the Green Dot power-based personal violence prevention effort on Schriever Air Force Base.

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