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A world without borders, no more a dream | Siddhartha Joshi | TEDxEMWS
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Added Jul 27, 2016
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Borders divide us, but our dreams and in turn our humanity unifies us all. In this fascinating talk, an ambitious Siddhartha Joshi highlights the power of sharing as a force that can bind us all and create in its own way a ‘World Without Borders'. This travel blogger has found that people who might appear to be unconnected and distant from each other are actually connected by their dreams, hopes and aspirations and therefore urges us to share our story and make connections despite the borders that divide us.

An industrial designer by profession, Siddhartha is a passionate travel blogger, photographer and most importantly a collector of stories - stories of people he comes across during his travels. Siddhartha has been to as many as 16 countries in the past 2 years and has come to realise that travel has the power to open up our minds, and make us more accepting to the differences between different cultures and eventually even has the power to make us all into one. “If I had one wish to fulfill - it would be to see a borderless world in my lifetime.” he says. “It might look like a utopian dream right now, but I think that the future will be more positive, and ideas like this will be discussed more.”

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