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ASTRONOMY IS DANGEROUS!! | Jonathan Woodbury | TEDxPacificPalisades
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Added Sep 21, 2016
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Only in the last few generations have we known the nature of the stars. Now we take it for granted and rarely think about it. Yet there may be a surprise right under our nose. Could the Sun have a companion star, shining in plain sight, that we have overlooked? Jonathan’s talk will describe how we could have overlooked a companion star for over a century and how we may find it soon.

Jonathan Woodbury is an astronomer, physicist, climate scientist, economist, statistician, and software developer. Jonathan spent a year in the Antarctic studying cosmic rays including ten days at the South Pole. He worked as a climate scientist for the US EPA and IPCC where he estimated U.S. and international methane emission inventories. He also help develop the first U.N. IPCC methods for estimating methane emissions from many international sources. Jonathan is an avid cyclist and road racer. Jonathan holds degrees from Swarthmore College and the University of Chicago.

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