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AUGMENTED DANCE | Laura Kriefman | TEDxRoma
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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Come può cambiare la danza nel 21° secolo? La “danza aumentata” è la fusione tangibile tra il movimento e la tecnologia, accoglie linguaggi ed ispirazione da mondi diversi.
Laura Kriefman crea monumentali installazioni interattive, facendo letteralmente ballare le città!

How can dance change in the 21st century? The ‘augmented dance’ and the tangible fusion between movement and technology, welcomes language and inspiration from different worlds.
Laura Kriefman creates monumental interactive installations, literally making the city dance!

Laura Kriefman is an award-winning choreographer. Her work, the Guerilla Dance Project, uses the creation of installations and beyond scale shows, to achieve an unusual goal: help restore the contact between the body and the environment through the fusion of movement and technology.

With her performances, Laura manages to change the way in which to observe our surroundings and release our new and unexplored sense of movement.

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