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Achieve Your Extraordinary | Sophie Radcliffe | TEDxLiverpool
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Added Jul 21, 2016
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Learn about Sophie's journey to discover the extraordinary. Sharing her three key learnings in the hope that it will help people when they come to making positive change in their lives.

Sophie has run, swam, cycled and climbed her way around the world. Her challenges have grown each time to reach higher or further than before. But where does it all stop and ultimately what will deliver the greatest sense of achievement and purpose.
Endurance athlete, adventurer and blogger Sophie Radcliffe quit her London 9-5 job three years ago in search of creating a new story. Taking the leap of faith from her London startup life, she reinvented herself to become a writer, athlete, speaker, marketeer and model. Living a life beyond her wildest dreams, she’s on a mission to help other people discover their limitless potential and live their dreams.

Motivated by the opportunity to drive social change, she’s advising Government on breaking down barriers for women in sport and working with the United Nations on addressing gender equality. Her mission is to champion ordinary people achieving their extraordinary, challenge their limitations, and become the person they can’t imagine.

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