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Africannovation | Satoshi Akita | TEDxUTokyo
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Added Jul 21, 2016
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Based on his business experience in Tanzania, where he merges Tokyo's cutting-edge technology with local culture to provide affordable access to electricity, Satoshi presents a completely new approach to so-called regional development: Africannovation.

Satoshi Akita / Entrepreneur
In 2013, Satoshi Akita founded Digital Grid Inc. to empower people by providing accessible, affordable and safe electricity to off-grid areas, including Tanzania, Kenya and Senegal. Collaborating with the local kiosks with the digital grid technology, developed by a professor at the University of Tokyo, WASSHA (“ignite” in Swahili) opens people up to new possibilities and experiences.

秋田智司 / 起業家
Digital Grid Inc.代表取締役CEO。電力の量り売りサービス「WASSHA(スワヒリ語で「火をつける」の意))」をタンザニアなどで展開。東京大学初の電力制御技術「デジタルグリッド」と、アフリカで普及するモバイルマネー技術を結び付け、伝統的な村の雑貨店と連携しながら電気へのアクセスが全くないアフリカの僻地で、村人に電気のある暮らしを提供している。

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