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Agriculture: following a traditional path, but in a modern way | Alexander Penzias | TEDxEroilor
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Added Sep 30, 2016
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How can we create a sustainable agriculture following the traditional approach, but using modern gear so that we optimize the process.

Urban farmer and co-founder of Ponix Systems, Alex has the vision of changing the way we think about our food. He wants to break the geographical and psychological distance between consumers and food producers by bringing food production to everyone’s doorstep. He studied Business Administration at the University of Vienna and worked for several years as a management consultant in the UAE. Feeling tired of the daily rut, he moved back to Vienna and co-founded Ponix Systems, an indoor farming startup, whose aim is to bring the joy of urban farming to each house in the world. Together with his co-founder, they combine modern, smart technology with hydroponics to minimize the land, water and energy used in farming. The ultimate goal is to make indoor farming simple and clean, and enable everyone to do it at home.

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