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Altruism and the Contagion of Goodness | KARUNA NUNDY | TEDxIITBHU
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Added Jul 18, 2016
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Speaking about the deep happiness to be found in altruism, advocate Karuna Nundy explores the inherent empathetic nature of humans and how this can be used to influence legal systems worldwide for the greater good of freedom of speech and expression, by citing relevant and powerful examples from contemporary scenarios. She believes in the power of collective goodness to shape the world in unprecedented ways.

Karuna Nundy is an advocate of the Supreme Court of India since 2002. She has been featured of Forbes India’s list of Minds that Matter. She qualified as an attorney from New York in 2001. Currently based in New Delhi, she specializes in human rights litigation and commercial dispute resolution. She also advises civil society movements, United Nations agencies and various international governments to help their legal systems conform to international and constitutional legal standards. She is currently representing the People’s Union of Civil Liberties challenging unconstitutional restrictions on online speech and leading the Bhopal Litigations in the Supreme Court. She is also an outspoken proponent of Women’s Rights movements.

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