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An auditive LAN-Party | DRAHTHAUS | TEDxDornbirn
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Added Aug 16, 2016
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How can you possibly combine a studio production with a live-music show? The answer is quite simple: Bring the studio on stage!

Simon Öggl
studies composition at ‘MUK Vienna’ and works as a freelance music producer, among others, for Sounds of Red Bull. Under the pseudonym ‘Hidden Aspect’ he produces drum and bass music and loves to encounter glasses from the table.

Valentin Martins
studied guitar at the ‘Vienna Music Institute’ and is currently working as a freelance musician in the media industry as well as in various pop and jazz projects. Unfortunately, he cannot understand the need of socks.

Ludwig Ascher
studied trumpet at the ‘Vienna Music Institute’ and he plays in several big bands as well as in different pop and jazz combos. He only watches black and white films and can sometimes even sleep through 15 hours.

Hans Zoderer
studies sociology at the ‘University of Vienna’; besides Drahthaus he organizes festivals with the collective ‘Botheration HiFi’, collects instruments and has a weakness for colorful sweaters.

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