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Antimatter Matters | Lillian Smestad | TEDxIIT
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Added Aug 31, 2016
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Is the unfamiliar twin of matter — antimatter — acting unexpectedly? For instance, would an anti-apple fall to earth differently from an apple? This could even open up the possibility of an anti-world existing somewhere out there. To better understand our place in the universe, let's better understand antimatter.

Lillian Smestad, a Norwegian researcher of particle physics at CERN, specialized in the studies the smallest building blocks of Nature. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 was awarded based on the discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN while her PhD from UiO, was on the hunt for the Higgs boson with the ATLAS experiment. Lillian researched dark matter before her current engagement in getting to know antimatter better. She won FameLab CERN 2015 and was awarded Runner-Up in FameLab International 2015, the world’s largest science communication competition. Lillian thinks the world is an amazing place, which deserves our admiration.

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