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Anyone can Learn Strategies to Break Conventional Patterns | Franz Andres Morrissey | TEDxBern
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Added Oct 13, 2016
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How can we be creative - especially in an academic setting? While Franz Andres Morrissey agrees that creativity cannot necessarily be learned, he argues that anyone can learn strategies that break conventional thinking patterns and allow us to describe concepts in different words - and different words open the door to unconventional and creative thinking.

Franz Andres Morrissey was born in Altdorf in 1957, educated in St.Gallen and Zurich and started working in TEFL during his studies. Between 1983 and 1992 he ran a linguistic consultancy before completing his PhD in sociology of language and applied linguistics. A lecturer at Bern University, he has a strong teaching interest in phonology and sociolinguistics besides teaching academic and creative writing. He comes from a musical family, has run poetry writing workshops nationally and internationally, is the author of several plays, writes about language and music, occasionally blogs about cooking looks back on a distinguished career of playing in completely obscure bands.

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