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Archaeology, Life Choices, and Clay | Natalia Donner | TEDxYouth@MDA
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Added Aug 11, 2016
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In this inspiring talk, Natalia Donner talks about her journey in the field of archeology and our how our preconceptions evolve as we dive into our passions and careers.

Natalia Donner’s research focuses on understanding how pottery making traditions develop, change, and continue through time. As a PhD candidate at Leiden University (The Netherlands), she is studying ancient pottery practices in Chontales, Nicaragua (Central America).
Born in Argentina, and educated in the Mexican Archaeology tradition, Natalia has followed her passion for clay, but also considered her profession meaningless without dedicating time to teach in schools, coach educators in how to approach science in an engaging way, create connections between scientific research projects and the local communities involved, develop learning materials, apart from conducting archaeological explorations and excavations.

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