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Are you ready to live for Pakistan? | Noorena Shams | TEDxPIEAS
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Added Jun 21, 2016
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A tri-athlete who holds a record number of medals, a freelance photographer and cartoonist, a champion debater and so much more, Noorena Shams has done, and been through, a lot in her short life, and she has a lot to say. Raising important points related to various aspects of society, she described her struggle to find the good in Pakistan, and to be the good in Pakistan. Listen to this stirring talk which is a young woman’s call to her nation to unite; to live for Pakistan rather than claim to be willing to die for it.

This 19 year old girl is a triathlete; the youngest Pakistani cyclist to have made it to the Junior Olympics (silver medal), she played as part of the Pakistan Under-19 Girls’ Cricket team for a while (fastest junior spin-bowler) and is now one of the best squash players in the country (#45 in all of Asia). She holds a record number of medals; 63 Gold, 24 Silver and 5 Bronze. She’s also an artist, debater and a freelance photographer. She has received the Gul Jee Art Award multiple times and is a 3-time All Pakistan debating champion. She has worked hard to become financially independent. She believes in supporting talent and doesn’t want young girls with sports skills to waste their talent due to lack of support or finances.

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