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Art as Civilian Social Movement in China | Yong Shu | TEDxZhujiangNewTown
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Added Jul 25, 2016
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Most of the cases, Art survives isolated and independent. Shuyong proposed a new and interesting angle to interpret Art – he thinks that art is not the decoration hanging high on the wall or a certain masterpiece that lays quietly on the museum, it is the IDEA presented by artists in artistic forms which should be empowered to influent the society, especially in the age of sharing economy. Art is the reflection of people’s wisdom and real life; it values when it becomes willing to communicate with people and targets to be a creative form of an idea to inspire people and influent communities.

Shu Yong is one of the most celebrated Chinese contemporary artist, known as “The First Person of Chinese Environmental Art” and “The Founder of Behavior Art Marketing”. He was the creator of large-scale totem landscape sculpture Golden Bridge on Silk Road exhibited in Expo Milano 2015 and the winner of The Florence Biennale Lifetime Achievement Award (the only Asian winner so far). He proposed that arts should be related to life and society and should be shared by everyone.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at