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Blaming the Body | Virginia Langum | TEDxUmeå
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Added Aug 8, 2016
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Blaming the Body: Medicine, Sin and Culture. Is nature or nurture more important? Do young people and old people act and think in different ways? Do women and men? How much control do we have over our actions and thoughts? These are familiar yet old questions. Although their concepts and vocabularies might appear distant, medieval thinkers integrated cutting edge medical knowledge to grapple with the same questions that continue to fascinate us. What do their ideas reveal about the inter-relationship of medicine and religion, responsibility and behavior, body and soul, and what can they illuminate about contemporary understandings?

She is a Pro Futura Fellow at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study at Uppsala University and reader in English literature at Umeå University. She is also a member of Sweden's Young Academy. Before she moved to Sweden she completed her PhD in English at the University of Cambridge and a bachelor's degree in English at Trinity College, Dublin. Her research concerns medieval literature and culture, particularly the connections between the body and religious experience, as well as medicine and ethics, extending from the Middle Ages to our own period. Viriginia is also serving as a judge for the Langum Prize in American Historical Fiction and on her spare time she enjoys powerlifting.

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