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Blockchain Revolution | Giovanna Fessenden | TEDxBerkshires
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Added Jul 13, 2016
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The success of the digital currency Bitcoin is due in large part to its underlying architecture, the block chain. The block chain is distributed-ledger technology that enables payments and other transactions to be processed and stored in an entirely decentralized way—without banks or other intermediaries. The block chain’s distributed-ledger helps keep its content resistant to tampering and modification. This distributed architecture of the block chain helps eliminate the chances of having a single point of failure and makes it more robust against hacking. Giovanna will discuss what the future may hold for an internet augmented by the block chain – an block chain internet where nothing can be deleted or modified.

Giovanna has been practicing as intellectual property (IP) attorney specializing software patents for fifteen years. Giovanna dedicates a significant portion of her practice to advising local businesses in technology and the creative economy. Her firm, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds, is an IP boutique. In addition to intellectual property law (including copyright, trademarks and patents), Giovanna concentrated in computer science and art history in her undergraduate studies at Smith College. She has lived in Lenox for eight years with her family. She spends her free time rowing and paddle boarding, in the pottery studio, and coaching soccer.

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