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Bravery: Commas, Not Periods | Sarah Hernholm | TEDxRBHigh
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Added Aug 2, 2016
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Oftentimes in life we place hard stops (periods) where we should be placing pauses (commas). We act out from a place of fear, ending things before they get started, draw conclusions before getting all the info, and running instead of staying. In this talk Sarah invites all us to insert more commas (pauses, breaths) into our life story.

After majoring in film, Sarah earned her master's in education before teaching in the Poway Unified school district for 5 years. Despite truly loving her career, she wanted the ability to further the impact of her influence. The result was WIT (Whatever It Takes), an organization that coalesces all her passions into one incredible business model: it empowers and facilitates teenangers in becoming social entrepreneurs through hands on experience in designing, launching, managing, and measuring social enterprises. Additionally, Sarah also founded 360 Self, Inc.which focuses on self empowerment through workshops. She shares her successes and failures and forms personal connections with her audience in her quest to help them take their adventure to the next level by emphasizing authentic self-expression and entrepreneurial spirit with other teens. Ultimately, boosting teenage confidence and catalyzing individuals in their pursuit for success genuinely bring Sarah happiness.

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