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Bringing back the charisma of Regional Languages | MANISH GUPTA | TEDxIITBHU
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Added Jul 18, 2016
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In an amusing, playful, yet insightful manner, poet and literary arts pioneer Manish Gupta elaborates how the glamorisation of English speech and writing have stigmatised and undermined the importance and aesthetic value of Hindi and various other regional languages in India, leading to a gradual decline in their popularity and usage. He then suggests alternative ways to reinvigorate this cultural interest in the posterity by means of popular media.

Manish Gupta is a non-resident Indian film-maker, entrepreneur and poet, settled in Miami, USA. He works to promote and popularise Hindi-Urdu poetry among younger generations and to spread awareness about its aesthetic appeal. He has launched the YouTube channels Hindi Kavita (Hindi Poetry) and Urdu Studio which together, have garnered over a million views with no marketing or promotion. During the course of these endeavours, he has interacted with several publishers and members of the student community, and has filmed documentaries featuring several accomplished actors. He is also a columnist for a leading Indian daily.

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