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Change a map of Japan in your mind into the map of the world. | Hideki OTA | TEDxYouth@Kobe
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Added Jun 20, 2016
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OTA Hideki is an entrepreneur who has traveled all around the world.
Travelling around the world for about 2 years, he met over hundreds of people
including Japanese business persons working outside of their native countries.
What kind of strategy he mapped out, from his experience abroad, for thriving
through the international stage of the 21st century?

At the age of 20, he went into his first business named Tadacopy, which provides photocopy service free of charge by printing ads on the backside of copy papers. He co-founded Oceanize, inc. of that business.
After that, he left the company and traveled around the world for about 2 years.
During the journey, he promoted “Samurai Backpacker Project”, aiming “encouraging Japanese younger generation to be active globally and internationally”, and met over a thousand of local business people and Japanese business people working outside of their native countries.
He launched his second business School With Inc., and is currently operating a review site of English language study in foreign countries like Philippines.
He keeps on his efforts every day to globalize Japanese people more, and to make a difference in a Japanese market of overseas language study.

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