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Changing Kids’ Abstract Perceptions of Themselves Through Farm Work | Kristy Hackler | TEDxTryon
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Added Oct 19, 2016
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Kristy Hackler has spent her happiest moments making things grow. This educator created a “down on the farm” program for kids that not only produces bumper harvests, but teaches valuable lessons in independence, ingenuity and grit.

Kristy Hackler is a passionate advocate for teaching kids to work with something bigger than themselves—like a farm! As a life student of farming and of the Montessori philosophy, her career as a teacher has spanned the last 12 years and two countries. It inspired her to start a summer program called Farm Camp where students and campers are challenged to work hard, make deeper connections to their community and environment, and to understand the economics of sustainability.

In her TEDxTryon talk, Kristy asks the question, "How can we teach a cycle of sustainability to future generations that will translate positively into all areas of their lives?" In order to do this we must first understand and respect what children are truly capable of doing for themselves and how to make that "switch flip" where they go from "I can't" to "I can".
You will learn: The main road into a child's soul is through the work of his hand.

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