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Changing the world one taxi ride at a time | Vijay Thakur | TEDxEMWS
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Added Aug 1, 2016
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In this heart-warming talk, Vijay Thakur, a one of a kind taxi driver, shares a powerful incident in his life that made him change his outlook to our material world. Even at the age of 73, this local hero is at the service of anyone in urgent need to be at the hospital free of cost. As he grows old, he requests the country to bring out the heart and humanity within them and always help the people around, for you can be saving them great suffering.

Once a mechanical engineer with Larson and Toubro, 73-year-old Vijay Thakur is now a taxi driver. For the last 31 years, he has been driving a black-and-yellow taxi free of cost for anyone who needs to get to the hospital. Thakur now gets calls for delivery cases, from patients suffering from kidney stones, road accident cases and other physical injuries day and night. The back of his car has a white sticker: "Hospitalised patients are free in this taxi". His monthly income, close to ₹ 10,000 a drastic fall from ₹ 65,000 per month at L&T. Not only this, even after being urged by his family to stop the taxi business, he continues to follow his heart and save the lives if hundreds of people. Having faced a tragedy due to the unavailability of a taxi when his wife was having an abortion, he has promised himself that he will never turn down any passengers who are in an emergency. Strongly believing that money is not everything, this local hero continues to save lives of many Mumbaikars.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at