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Cherish, Don’t Condemn, Social Media | Ben Bell | TEDxRuakura
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Added Sep 16, 2016
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Are kids today addicted to Social Media? Are they losing all ability to communicate in “the real world”? Are gamers little more than shut-ins with no social life?
These questions are explored by a teenager who has not known a life without social media, and that perspective can be a little surprising to many.

The theme of TEDx Ruakura 2016 was Morphosis.

Seventeen-year-old Benjamin Bell is not your typical teenager… well not entirely typical. Like most teens, Ben loves social media, he can see the power of social media, and wants others to learn how they can harness it as a tool.

Ben is also an ideas person, a creator, an inventor. Ben is an entrepreneur, who has been invited to pitch his product Wellbands at Standford University’s MedX conference in the U.S.

This high tech hospital wristband creation has seen him featured in Idealog, and attracted interest from all over the world. Ben is due to finish high school shortly, before deciding his next steps.

Do people judge him because of his young age? Absolutely.

But Ben remains pragmatic and upbeat about it
“People pre-judge you on many different attributes, age being one of them. I would say that some people expect me to be underprepared. To those people, I say ‘be prepared to be blown away.”

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