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Clusters of Values-Driven Businesses | Francesco Benincasa | TEDxChalkida
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Added Sep 30, 2016
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What values make an entrepreneurial ecosystem truly impactful? Francesco Benincasa, having worked for over 20 years with tech startups from all over the world, shared his insightful view on the values that matter!

Francesco Benincasa is an entrepreneur and investor. After 20 years of experience in starting new business to solve problems around him, he moved to the “dark” side of investing in tech start-ups.
After a career in entrepreneurship in London, Europe and New York, Francesco now lives in Athens where he engages and invests in Start-ups from all around the world. Thanks to his expertise in the setup and management of growing businesses, he helps other entrepreneurs tackle the challenges in order to make their dreams come true. Francesco is passionate about discovering extraordinary people to work with, but also supporting, advising and guiding teams.
He lives with his family in Athens and in his free time he enjoys traveling, sports and spending time outdoors.

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