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Community energy planning: Government can’t (and shouldn’t!) do it alone | Rich Dooley | TEDxHerndon
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Added Jul 27, 2016
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Did you ever try to convince someone to stop wasting energy? Did it feel like you were talking to a brick wall?! You’ll hear why it is important for us all to keep having the tough discussions about energy.

Rich is currently the Community Energy Coordinator on the Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy (AIRE) team in Arlington County’s Office of Sustainability and Environmental Management. His goal is to ensure that all stakeholders’ voices are heard when it comes to shaping Arlington County’s energy future through the implementation of Arlington’s award-winning Community Energy Plan.
Rich holds two Masters Degrees in Public Affairs (MPA) and Environmental Science (MSES) from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He previously worked at the NAHB Research Center as a Green Building and Land Use Specialist and at SAIC as an Environmental Management Systems Specialist. Rich lives in Arlington with his wife and two daughters. He appreciates the opportunity to have a job that allows him to bike to the office and work on projects that impact the community in which he lives.

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