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Counter-Intuitive Career Advice and the 3Cs | Karen Lindsey-Lloyd | TEDxTCU
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Added Aug 18, 2016
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Why do we choose a certain career path? Who and what informs and influences our decisions? Karen-Lindsey-Lloyd offers personal stories, scientific studies, and tips all wrapped in a bit of humor on why so many people seem to struggle with finding what we are called to do and how universities can better serve students in this quest.

Dr. Karen Lindsey-Lloyd is an adjunct faculty at Texas Christian University. Serving as well as the associate director of the TCU Center for Career and Professional Development and a higher ed and corporate consultant for K2L Consulting, Lindsey-Lloyd shares her wealth of experience in personal branding and self-discovery in "Counter-Intuitive Career Advice and the 3Cs" at TEDxTCU 2015: A New Hope. Karen's other laurels include MBTI Certified Practitioner, Edelman Vice President of Education, Associate Vice President of Mississippi College, and Military Contractor for the US Army Distance Learning Program. Karen is passionate about helping individuals discover their career calling.

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