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Counter Speech - Because You Talk And Walk Online | Ranjana Kumari | TEDxYouth@NMS
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Added Sep 14, 2016
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Today we are living in a world that breathes online. Hence, it is important for us to handhold the youth in terms of usage of Internet: its benefits and misuses. Dr. Kumari focuses on the online behavior and the participation of the youth in the online space. The youth today is full of energy and they are also keen to explore new online platforms which are providing them a space to talk, express and network with a larger group. They have an option and they can choose either ways, to take advantage of anonymity of the online space and troll others or to use the space and raise concerns for better causes. The youth need to know more about the better usage of the online medium and also, they are the torch bearers of the all the social movements that are going around for betterment of society. Dr. Kumari also talks about how counter speech tells us how we should deal with online conversations and how important it is to take a stand against any evil.

Social activist and prolific academician; currently serves as Director of Centre for Social Research and Chairperson of Women Power Connect; winner of Lotus Leadership Award in 2015; authored many well-known publications; some causes closest to her heart include participation of women in democracy and governance, ending of dowry practices and dowry-related violence and abolition of gender-based selection

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