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Crafting Our Fate - The Role of the Political System | Peter Wickham | TEDxBridgetown
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Added Jun 17, 2016
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Peter Wickham asks us to explore whether we are taking our political fate into our own hands? When more than 100,000 people do not turn out to vote in a local election, what could this have meant for the outcome? Is our Political System delivering all that we want it to deliver and if not, how do we create an environment of accountability?

Peter W. Wickham is a Political Consultant and the Principal Director of the leading Caribbean Political Research Company, Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES). This organisation conducts political polls and research and has worked with several major political parties and governments throughout the Caribbean. In his personal capacity, Peter has served as a consultant to organisations such as CPDC, UNICEF, the ILO, OAS, TIDCO and bp Trinidad and Tobago. Previously, Peter was a Lecturer in Political Science and Research Methods at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill’s Department of Government. He lectured courses in International Politics and was lead author of the monograph entitled “Elements of Regional Integration: The Way Forward” (CPDC/Ian Randle 1998) and has contributed to other books and select Caribbean Journals. In addition he writes a column each Sunday entitled “People and Things” in the major local newspaper in Barbados, the Nation.

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