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Creating Opportunities for Deep Learning | Laura Molan & Monique Rohr | TEDxRosalindParkED
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Added Jun 23, 2016
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In 2011 a group of likeminded teachers came together to start planning for significant teaching and learning change for years 7 & 8. We saw there were shortfalls in student engagement and also outcomes – particularly literacy. We saw there was an opportunity to make a huge change so we took it.
We did this by:
• Creating a domain through the integration of Humanities, Art and English.
• Allocating class time of 4 - 6 hours a fortnight
• By developing a common pedagogical approach based on ‘The Gradual Release of Responsibility.
• Developing a collaborative relationship and common understandings between staff
• Providing a personalised, challenging curriculum through a structured inquiry approach incorporating research, reading for meaning, writing, thinkingand focusing on building students literacy skills

Laura is the Art Domain and FLIP (Future Learners Inquiry Program) Leader. Laura began her career as a secondary art teacher 13 years ago and since then she has seen her focus shift from teaching in an art classroom to teaching literacy across the curriculum. She is a school leader in the teaching of literacy and inquiry based learning, and along with peers has developed FLIP for her school, which combines these two areas. She has run professional development on Writing To Learn strategies, deep learning and curriculum development. She has taken a lead role in the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning initiative and has been responsible for significant develop of teaching and learning at UYSC.

Monique is a passionate and enthusiastic History teacher at Upper Yarra Secondary College. Monique has been the head of the Humanities Department for 6 years, before recently taking on the role of Director of Curriculum and has been responsible for significant develop of teaching and learning at UYSC. Monique’s focus is on whole school improvement, with a particular focus on the teaching of literacy and improving pedagogy across the school. She was part of a team that implemented an integrated, inquiry based learning program at years 7 and 8 that aims to improve student skills and engagement through the explicit teaching of transferable learning skills and providing choice for students to follow their interests.

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