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Creating a Buzz in Business | Sally Fielding | TEDxWhitehaven
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Added Oct 14, 2016
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Why it is that some businesses and people have a positive buzz about them? They have a certain flair, a charisma. The world seems to circle around them rather than them being the ones clamouring to get other people’s attention. Why is it that out of the billion websites that are out there, there are only a handful of them that manage to create a buzz about them and stand out from the crowd?

Sally believes that it is possible to have a World Class small business and be nice at the same time. She set up her company, Sally’s Cottages, with just £1,000 to get it going. Today it brings in bookings to the value of £5.3million.
Sally is very much a believer in the power of small businesses and local collaboration. She believes that it is small businesses that keep a local economy going and which create a sense of local community. Sally is motivated by the creativity that you can have within a small business, by the reality that in order to succeed against those with more resources you have to work smart, and it is this that keeps you creative and allows you to have fun while working hard.
Sally’s Facebook page is recognised as the best travel page in the UK. She should perhaps also be recognised for creating a multi-million pound business out of nothing and with no assets but a group of committed and enthusiastic people with nine telephones and nine computers.

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