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Daring to speak out – why we should find the courage to speak in public | Susie Stamford | TEDxSWPS
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Added Sep 2, 2016
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have seen the role of women in business defined numerous ways over the years. Just how effective and dynamic can women be in the work place? Do women have a tough time in business? Is it all about charisma and positive thinking? Power dressing? Decisiveness?  Is it meant only for the chosen few to rise to the top? I have come to the conclusion that leadership is for every women, every day. It's how we should live our life's, once we find the courage to speak out we can effectively and positively influence others and take control of our destiny.

With over a decade working in executive coaching, and more importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, Susie Stamford is a Public Speaking expert and women's motivational Coach. After a long career offering financial solutions to fund high end technology she has served as a senior consultant with the U.S. based IPC Information Systems forging relationships with clients such as Kleinwort Benson and HSBC Bank. Ten years ago she become an Executive coach and now helps women into leadership and to overcome their fear of public speaking. She is a certified Executive Coach, NLP practitioner, has studied non-verbal communication skills and is a member of The Professional Speakers Academy.

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