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Death and Time | Kostas Onisenko | TEDxChalkida
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Added Sep 30, 2016
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Experiencing death, even for 10 minutes is a lifechanging experience. Kostas Onisenko through his personal traumatic experience shared his view on life and death at TEDxChalkida on May 14, 2016.

He started working in 2001 at the online news channel of Kathimerini Group (, and then for the printed edition of “Kathimerini” newspaper. He has also worked for the “Horizon” TV show at Mega Channel and has helped in creating numerous news sites and local papers. For the time being, he is collaborating with VICE and InsideStory and he is the Head of SecurNewswebsite. He has been reporting on police/ court news, however his main area of ​​interest is social issues, human stories, and refugees, conflicts of individuals and groups or among groups of people. He has covered dozens of topics of human interest in Greece,but also abroad. As a journalists, he has been at the center of various conflicts, while sometimes he was attacked while covering the story. One of those times, in March 2014, he was violently attacked by gunmen in Crimea during the Russian military operation for the occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula.

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