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Decentralization: an instrument for a new life | Lefteris Trikiriotis | TEDxUniversityoftheAegean
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Added Aug 4, 2016
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Ο κ. Τρικιριώτης στην ομιλία του μας εξηγεί την έννοια της αποκέντρωσης. Ο ίδιος αποφάσισε να φύγει από την Αθήνα και να μετακομίσει στην Ικαρία, η απόφασή του αυτή τον ώθησε να αλλάξει πολλά πραγμάτα στη καθημερινότητα του και στο να ανακαλύψει ότι τελικά την εννοια της αποκέντρωσης την συναντάμε ακόμα και στο πως το σύμπαν συμπεριφέρεται.

Mr. Trikiriotis in his speech explains the concept of decentralization. He decided to leave Athens and moved to Ikaria, his decision prompted him to change many things in everyday life and to discover that ultimately the concept of decentralization to even meet and how the universe behaves.

Lefteris Trikiriotis after his studies as automation engineer, decided to move to the countryside and settled in Ikaria in 2006. He decided that he prefers the natural environment as a workplace and sought different ways to connect with the environment through exploration, observation, understanding and familiarization. Alongside he works since then as a farmer, crofter, beekeeper, food gatherers and field guide. Experiencing the joy and difficulties of primary production, by being partially self-sufficient. Currently he has settled down near Harakas River in northwest of Ikaria where he lives his life in an olive-grove

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