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Designing Empathy | Chantelle Morrison | TEDxRosalindParkED
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Added Jun 27, 2016
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An opportunity maker has two elements that an opportunity taker lacks; initiative and innovation. These skills can be developed through combining empathy and design thinking, creating a spiral of success. Genuine Opportunity Makers create opportunities for others to succeed. Making opportunities is not about an egotistical need to better oneself (although that implicitly occurs through developing empathy) nor is it about virtue. Rather, it’s about finding a need, empathising with those in need and making that need into an opportunity to use our learning for a purpose.

Developing empathy is vital. Developing empathy through design thinking is like poetic justice (pun intended). In this presentation, you’ll be immersed in out-of-the-box case-studies and practical strategies for developing empathy in your students, your colleagues and yourself.

Chantelle Morrison is a teacher at Immanuel Primary School in Adelaide, SA and a founding member of Innovated SA.

Since specialising in students with literacy and numeracy difficulties at The University of Canberra, Chantelle has taught primary students in both public and independent education systems. With over a decade of teaching and leadership experience, she has worked closely with The Learning Federation, IB Federation, ABC Splash, ALEA, ELH, MYSA, ISTE, Reflect Growth and Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning to develop innovative education initiatives. Her mission is to develop initiatives that harness information systems to differentiate learning and develop student-direction, ownership, critical thinking, empathy and inquiry. Chantelle has presented about her passion for innovative education at conferences around Australia and the US as well as key-note speaking in Hong Kong.

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