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Detecting the Undetectable | Elizabeth Iazykova & Ryzen Benson | TEDxWestminsterCollegeSLC
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Added Jul 13, 2016
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There are currently 6 members in QUASAR. Elizabeth is in charge of the scientific mission: detecting neutrinos with a lunar orbital satellite. This is an innovative and more efficient method of detecting neutrinos. QUASAR will be participating in NASA’s CubeQuest challenge. The cube-satellite will be launched into Earth’s orbit, make its way to the moon’s orbit, orbit the moon for a year collecting data, and then disintegrate on the moon’s surface.

Elizabeth is a freshman international student at Westminster College majoring in physics. Throughout her studies, Elizabeth completed a number of research projects with topics ranging from ecology and arts to science and mathematics. She currently has two published papers: “Ecological problems of the local community: dynamics of the population of Grus Vipio” and “The correlation between brain asymmetry and the ability to study languages and mathematics”.

Ryzen is currently a sophomore here at Westminster College. He is pursuing a customized major in Biomedical and Translational Research. After Westminster, he plans to attend graduate school and eventually complete doctoral studies in either Molecular Epidemiology and/or Oncological Drug Development.

He loves conducting scientific research and has been doing so for about five years now. When he is not studying, he loves mixing music, watching baseball and hanging out with his friends and family. He works as a high school football coach at Highland High School, a car detailer, and at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake.

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