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Disadvantages of technology and social media networks | Marina Farag | TEDxUMST
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Added Jul 14, 2016
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Technology as this TEDx theme best describes it is a milky-way! It is the base of our lives today from the moment we open our eyes till the second we close them shut at night again. And as much as it eases everything and provides the solution to much of our problems today, it's taking over. Like literally an invasion of smart phones and computers! And guess who's to blame?

Marina Farag is a finalist studying Biomedical Engineering in the University of Medical Science and Technology. She always works hard to achieve the best and attain her maximum potential, no matter where she is or what she's doing. In fact she accidently stumbled across this field as she was hunting for a refined engineering faculty, yet she is currently the first of her batch and managed to conquer that position for quite some time now! Marina is technically half Sudanese half Egyptian, but truly all Sudanese at heart. She has a great passion towards Sudan and believes this country has so much potential it just needs its people's love and Devotion! She strongly believes that change towards the better can only start within each one of us,

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