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Doing the Impossible | Povilas Plukas | TEDxYouth@LMSG
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Added Aug 18, 2016
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For many young people living in a small town of Lentvaris is not a fairy tale, something one often wants to forget. Povilas and his friends have challenged themselves to change this town. Is it really possible?

Povilas Plukas is a learning designer who designs experiences that grow personalities and help organizations reach their learning goals. He thinks that creation of the learning space and circumstances are a form of great art. Participants in his training sessions are engaged physically, emotionally and mentally. Therefore, he sometimes takes business companies on a night hike with treasure hunting elements to improve their competences of conflict resolution.

Povilas also identifies himself as a social innovator. He is full of creative ideas for social change. In his opinion, we should start all changes from our local community and empowerment of people. He is turning ideas into a reality. From hanging swings in public places of his hometown to being a co-author of the book Sexpedia for young people to rise awareness on gender issues. Sparkling with curiosity, undaunted by difficult challenges he and his co-minds want to revive the abandoned Lentvaris mansion with a historical park.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at