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Dracula and Multilinguism | Adriana Zoder | TEDxUTK
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Added Sep 14, 2016
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Whether in the workplace, among friends, or with your family, language opens doors. As a polyglot born in Transylvania, Adriana Zoder shares personal experiences, exploring how diverse language skills can connect cultures and enable opportunity.

Adriana Zoder is a polyglot who has made a living in three countries and four languages. Born in Romania, Adriana graduated from college in the USA, then lived in Sweden before returning to the US. Adriana has worked for nonprofit, educational foundations and in the corporate world. Since 2011, she has been writing a lifestyle column for The Mountain Press, Sevier County's daily newspaper. Adriana Zoder is the author of six books and has spoken at local homeschooling conferences about multilingualism and education. Adriana resides in Gatlinburg with her husband and their two children. She blogs at

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