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Driving Social Impact with a Smart Phone | Anshul Sinha | TEDxHyderabad
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Added Jun 27, 2016
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Let us hear Anshul tell us why social issues affected him and what was that moment when he decided to take issues head on. Why did a college student turn into a documentary film maker and how did he go on to win so many awards? Young and daring, Anshul speaks about the dangers he faces when he picks on certain sensitive social issues. Responsibility as defined by Anshul, highlights the transformation of someone with a regular life, to someone destined to bring about radical changes and why he thinks he is right for this!

The creator of 'Gateway to Heaven' and other thought provoking short films, Anshul Sinha set many examples for the society with his simple and realistic films in the city of Hyderabad. From introducing the 'One Rupee Daily' concept to remove poverty in India in his first documentary film, he believes in bringing out the society's real stories through his lens. Known for filming an award-winning piece with a mobile phone, Anshul has won accolades at national and international platforms.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at