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Empowering Women through "Ibu Mengajar" Movement | Kurniasari Mulia | TEDxKesawanSquare
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Added Oct 12, 2016
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Women empowerment often oriented towards how to produce things economically. Should empowerment is through the potential they possess: education. Kurniasari Mulia has an idea of "Ibu Mengajar" that will cut down the education budget in a family and it also for facing the shortage of teachers.

Kurniasari Mulia was born in Medan on 16 March 1972. She is a professional mother and is concerned about the empowerment of women. She is a homeschooler and is active in Lembaga Peduli Pendidikan Anak (LPPA). She was the leader of a writing project for children in LPPA and published a book titled "Mutiara Mutiara Andansari - Kisah seru para penghafal Al Qur' an cilik". She is a trainer for Marriage and Parenting, and was recently active as a trainer in Klinik Nikah Medan (KLIK). She became a Certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist in 2014. She is also a caretaker in Forum Rumah Tahfidz Sumatera Utara and FORHATI SUMUT.

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