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Energy and the Color of Blood | John Henshaw | TEDxUniversityofTulsa
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Added Jun 21, 2016
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Energy is a topic we take for granted today, but it hasn't always been that way. Professor John Henshaw tells the story of how we developed our modern understanding of what energy is.

John M. Henshaw, P.E., Ph.D., is Department Chair and Harry H. Rogers Professor of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Tulsa. He holds degrees from Vanderbilt University and the University of Delaware. His research interests are in lightweight materials for automotive applications and in devices for persons with disabilities. He teaches courses in engineering design and in materials science and has received more than 20 teaching awards during his 25-year career. Professor Henshaw’s goal as an author is to tell interesting stories about science and technology for inquisitive readers from all walks of life. To date, he has published three books with the Johns Hopkins University Press.

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