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Engaging Diversity in Beloved Community | Isabella Ordaz | TEDxLivermore
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Added Aug 29, 2016
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Being part of the next generation of storytellers at Youth Radio in Oakland California opened up Isabella.
"Dirty Mexicans" - spoken by a classmate just two chairs back, gave voice to an institutionalized attitude brought from home into the school environment. Deep feelings of isolation and separateness ensued. Attending the youth radio program in highly diversified Oakland, while attending high school in a nearby community known for its privilege and exclusiveness, Isabella learned this was not a problem she was dealing with on her own.
Liberated, she had an opportunity to own her silence, after years of choking back her anger without words during situations of virtual aggression. Now in college at Pepperdine University, Isabella is interested in what allows us to bring our voices together in dialog. She reminds us that discomfort is the place of growth.
This video is worth watching until the end, closing with an inspiring vision that young Isabella brings to humanity at large.

Isabella is a student activist and digital storyteller. She leads dialogues and efforts concerning diversity, equity, and inclusion both on her college campus and online. Isabella seeks her BA in English Literature and Women's Studies at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. She serves as a class senator for her student government and interns for her campus Intercultural Affairs Office. Isabella is Bay Area-based - in high school, she interned for Oakland's Youth Radio, where she reported on issues pertinent to progressive-minded youth.

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